gemsatwork lets you reward staff with products from some of the most exciting brands in the UK, for free

Whether a tasty coffee in the morning, a healthy snack as an afternoon pick-me-up, or freshening up with a new fragrance before an after-work social; free products are delivered to your office for your staff to enjoy.

Become a gemsatwork Ambassador and you and your colleagues will be invited to take part in our giveaways. As an Ambassador you’ll be responsible for receiving the delivery and distributing the products amongst the employees at your company. If you are not in a position to become an Ambassador, just find out who’s best suited for this role in your company and share this page with them.

How it works

1. Register & fill in your Wish List

Once you register, you’ll receive an email welcoming you to the gemsatwork Community, which contains a link to your Wish List, where you can tell us the types of products you’ll be interested in receiving. Make sure you send the link to your colleagues so they can contribute, to make sure we’re inviting you into the most relevant giveaways.

2. Opt-in (or out)

With each new giveaway that matches your office’s preferences, we’ll send you an email with a little info about the product and when they giveaway is happening. If you want to take part you can opt-in very easily, confirming your delivery details and how many products to send your way. It’s strictly limited to one per employee and the products should be shared around rather than left in a communal area; so only opt-in for an amount you can comfortably distribute so none go to waste.

3. Share the products with your colleagues

In the parcel you’ll also receive some posters for you to put up in your office and flyers to share with your colleagues along with their free product. Each giveaway giveaway includes some additional prizes – from gift vouchers to holidays – so we’ll tell you how you and your colleagues can enter and have the best chance of winning.

4. Have some fun

You all get to experience a new product – or maybe be reminded of an old favourite. Ambassadors in our network tell us that receiving the giveaways helps to bring a little fun to their office and helps bring people together from different teams, helping build relationships. Simply share the products out with everyone so they get to try them. Some of the products are delivered cold – in these cases it’s important to get them to you co-workers quickly, so bare this in mind when opting-in.

5. Share your experiences

We love to see how everyone is enjoying the products we give away from the pictures that get sent in and via the feedback received on our our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. We also have a very short survey so you can tell us about your experience, and your colleagues can do the same. As explained in this blog post, the feedback is really important – it helps us get more of the right free products for you to enjoy!

So, you think you’ve got what it takes to become a gemsatwork Ambassador? Ready to be the hero of your office? We’d love to welcome you in to the Community. If you’re not sure or have some more questions, feel free to give us a call on +44 (0) 203 0341 100 or drop us a line and our Community Team will be happy to assist.