Community Update – 3rd July

Community Update

Hello, and a warm welcome back to our Community Update. We’ve done some amazing things since our last blog post, from beginning a month long campaign with innocent bubbles to delivering Munchy Seeds, Reon and Karma Cola to offices across the UK.

Innocent bubbles comes in three refreshing recipes – lemon & lime, apple & berry and orange & lime – with each under 100 calories with no added sugar, the lightly sparkling blend of pure fruit juice and spring water is the only bubbly way to help you get your 5-a-day.

We’re currently into the third week (yes, THIRD) of delivery, with one more left. If you’ve received some, grab your office code and head over to to leave your feedback. There’s no prizes on offer this time, but it does fill you with an enormous sense of well-being – which I’m sure we can all agree is much better.

This week we’re also partnering with a new brand, Yushoi.  A range of light and crispy, baked pea snacks. Bursting with flavour, these delicious snacks are also packed with protein and fibre. Containing less than 88 calories per a portion, they’re the perfect solution to guilt-free snacking.

And finally, we’re also working with innocent for another one of their fantastic products both this week and the next, their superbly pure coconut water. Deliciously fresh tasting and coming chilled in a 500ml carton, it’s the perfect way to stay hydrated naturally.

Other Titbits;

  • We’ll be revealing the winners from our most recent Karma Cola campaign on our Facebook page this week
  • If you received innocent bubbles last week, you’ve got until 5pm this Friday to leave your feedback
  • We’re currently undergoing a massive redesign of our website, so watch this space to see our new (and improved) interface with added features really soon

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Community Update – May 29th

Community Update News

In a week where Theresa May chose to watch Bake Off instead of turning up to debate on the BBC, we continued working hard to bring you some amazing samples!

We’re finally able to announce we’ll be working with innocent to bring their fantastic bubbles drinks to offices across London every week from the 19th June to the 10th July. Available in three refreshing recipes – lemon & lime, apple & berry and orange & lime – and each under 100 calories with no added sugar, they’re the perfect way to drink something bubbly at your desk without getting fired.

We’ll be delivering them on the hottest day of each week (British summer permitting), so they’re at their refreshing best. With opt-ins going on as we speak, you’d be a fool not to register.

Last week we delivered innocent super juices to offices across London, and they’re going down an absolute storm (with some going out this Monday). Did you receive a batch? There’s no prizes for feedback, other than an enormous sense of well being – which is even better; so don’t delay.

This week we’re delivering Munchy Seeds, crammed with real goodies, like vitamins, protein and fibre and we’re excited to announce we’re bringing you the Honey Seeds variety. A delicious blend of honey roasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds, great for healthy sweet snacking or ideal as a nutritious sprinkle over porridge, yogurts or smoothies – providing the perfect boost.

In other news, you’ve got until 5pm Tuesday to leave your feedback for NutriPot 

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Community Update – May 22nd

Community Update News

In a week when the selfless act of one man brought hope to a beleaguered nation, we began deliveries of  NutriPots across the UK.

Coming in five varieties,  the responses so far have been great – be sure to keep it up. If you don’t know where to leave your feedback and get involved on social media, click here

We also began the opt-in processes for two amazing new brands, Munchy Seeds and REON.

  • Munchy Seeds are tasty little toasted snacks, crammed with real goodies, like vitamins, protein and fibre. We’ve teamed up to bring their fantastic Honey Seeds to the gemsatwork Community; a delicious blend of honey roasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds, great for healthy sweet snacking or ideal as a nutritious sprinkle over porridge, yogurts or smoothies – coming the W/C 5th June.
  • REON is a brand new energy product for those who know missing out is not an option, providing an instant boost no matter where you are. Melting on the tongue, the combination of Caffeine and Vitamin B12 helps reduce fatigue and tiredness. Coming in two pocket-sized variations; The Classic Pack, with four sachets of fresh Pomegranate flavour – and The Roulette Pack, which contains three Pomegranate sachets and one hot chilli flavour – coming the W/C 12th June.

Did you take part in either our LINDOR or Karma Cola campaigns recently? We released the names of the winners over on our facebook page. The prizes range from a ‘Good Karma’ kit to a selection of LINDOR chocolates!

This week we’ll be starting the opt-ins on one of our largest ever campaigns, we can’t wait to get the ball rolling on this one.

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Community Update – 15th May

Community Update News

As a 22 year old ‘accidentally’ halted one of the largest cyberattacks in history, we continued to work hard behind the scenes to bring you guys amazing freebies.

We’ll be starting deliveries of the fantastic NutriPots this week to offices across the UK. For the price of a sandwich, each NutriPot provides 50% of your 28 daily vitamins and minerals – keeping your body in peak condition. The perfect balance of flavour and health.

Last week we also called time on our ambassador’s survey at 5pm Thursday, and we’d like to thank you all for the responses we received – good or bad, it’s all constructive and will help us to improve the service for everyone.

The results will be on the website for all to see, in the form of some lovely graphs (we’ll pick out the best quotes too).

Our website will soon be undergoing a massive face-lift, bringing with it a funky new look and a raft of new features to make the gemsatwork experience better than ever. This will also coincide with the first ever gemsatwork newsletter!

Have you got any thoughts or ideas you’d like to see implemented, please comment in the section below;

Other titbits;

  • Thanks to everyone who participated in the Karma Cola campaign that finished earlier this week, we’ll be revealing the prize winners soon
  • Opt-ins for one of our largest ever campaigns are to begin soon, along with a new brand partner for early in June
  • We’re currently working on a FAQs page for our website, to ensure you get all the answers you need without having to email in

Community Update – 8th May

Community Update News

Unlike Labour Party HQ, we had no major leaks last week – as we delivered the amazing Karma Cola safe and sound to offices across London. The Fairtrade, organic and ethical fizz; that not only tastes good, but does good too – proved to be a massive hit.

You’ve got until Tuesday 5pm to add to the photos, posts and feedback we’ve already received. For doing so you’ll be entered into our prize draw, to win one of five ‘Good Karma’ kits (including a t-shirt, drinks and loads of other swag). If you fancy sending in a quick snap you can do so via @KarmaColaUK using #DrinkNoEvil

“Loved the branding and the idea behind it!”

Jennifer – Love Knitting

“Tastes like Cola bottles gummy sweets! Mmmmmmm”

Laura – Double Negative

Here’s our favourite snap so far, of one of the guys over at Quality Court enjoying their Good Karma

We also completed the opt-in process for NutriPot last week, a healthy fast food alternative for life on the go.

After the success of our last campaign, we’ll be bringing thousands more of their healthy meals to offices across the UK. For the price of a sandwich, each NutriPot contains 50% of your 28 daily vitamins and minerals – keeping your body in peak condition.

The large bowl-like pots, available in five delicious flavours, just need hot water to create a scrumptious meal. High in protein, low in saturated fats and containing no added sugar.

Other Titbits;

  • We’ve finalised our giveaway with LINDOR, with entries to the competitions and feedback ending at 5pm last Tuesday. We’d like to say a big thank you to those who responded online or posted on social media, it’s all really appreciated.
  • We’ve got two new brands we’ll be introducing to the network signed-up this week, so keep your eyes peeled on your inbox for the offer!
  • Here’s our favourite thing from social media this week that’s not related to us; it’s a dog that has a thing for roof tops (it’s better than it sounds)

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Community Update – 1st May 2017

Community Update News

Another fantastic week has flown by, working with a brand that needs no introduction.

Deliveries of the LINDOR Bars have been in full swing and we’ve received some amazing survey responses, posts and pictures in from the network so far. To leave your feedback head over to and enter your office code, or get involved online using #momentofbliss

Our very own Matt was out filming on behalf of the brand at some sites across London, whilst he’s no Alfred Hitchcock (more Tommy Wiseau), it’s great to see how well received the freebies were and we’ll be sure to get the video up on the website soon.

Here’s a few highlights from social media so far;

In other news, we’ve been busy preparing behind the scenes for our latest campaign; Karma Cola. The Fairtrade and Organic drink is going out to offices across London, and not only does it taste good, but it does good too #drinknoevil.

There are five “Good Karma” kits to win, simply for leaving your feedback online or sending in a photo via #drinknoevil on social media – so be sure to get involved.

Speaking of prizes, we also released our winners on our Facebook on Friday afternoon from our most recent campaign, the two-lucky swine’s got their hands on a £10 itsu restaurant voucher each as well as loads of itsu snacks!

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Community Update – 24th April 2017

Community Update News

After another long bank holiday weekend, it’s time for us to reflect on a week in which Tom Hardy apprehended a bike thief and Boris Johnson bemused the country (Mugwump anyone?)

We’ve been finalising the delivery schedule for our upcoming campaign with LINDOR bars, bringing the irresistible melting centre to offices across the South East – are you one of the lucky offices receiving some this week?

Be sure to leave your feedback, as there are several selections of LINDOR chocolates up-for-grabs and all you have to do is let us know what you thought to enter. Fancy another entry? Then send your snaps in via @LindorUK using #momentofbliss.

Our ambassador survey is now live and we’ve had some really useful feedback – both good and bad. It’s great to get to see what you like about the service, and what we could be doing better. We’ll be sending another email to those who haven’t yet filled it in, so we get as many responses as we can. Once the results are in we’ll be publishing them on our blog and letting you know what we’re doing to improve.

We’re still busy getting ready for our coolest ever campaign with our friends over at innocent and will be announcing it officially soon, so keep your eyes peeled on your inbox and watch this space.

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Community Update – 17th April 2017

Community Update News

We’ve been a little quiet on the blog front lately so this is the first of our weekly updates we’ll be posting going forward.

The last few months have been pretty crazy here at gemsatwork Towers; we’ve teamed up with some great brands and have delivered some really exciting products to members of the gemsatwork Community all over the country. This year has seen people sampling great products from Aveeno Lotion to Itsu Miso Soup; we’ve had a some amazing feedback on all these products so big thanks to all of those who took part and took the time let us know about their experiences.

Last week we launched a new campaign with Karma Cola; we’ll be delivering ice cold cola to people working in offices in London during May. As well as making great Fairtrade drinks, Karma Cola are doing lots of great charitable work to help the farmers in Sierra Leone where their cola comes from. We’re proud to be partnering with Karma Cola and are excited to be bringing their drinks to our Community.

We’re also busy getting prepared for another campaign with Lindt. Some of you will have received the amazing Lindor balls just before Christmas; this time around we’re going to be treating people to their own individual moment of bliss with Lindor bars! This is coming up in the first week of May – if you haven’t registered already check your inbox for your invite and opt-in.

In other news we’re going to be launching our Ambassador Survey this week. We get a lot of praise from our Community but we know we don’t get everything right and we’re always working hard to improve, so your feedback will be appreciated, as always.

There’s loads more going on behind the scenes so stay tuned for some big announcements coming soon!

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How to add us to your safe senders list

Hints & Tips

Found us in your spam folder and want to ensure you don’t miss out in the future? Email is an important tool for us, not only is it how we offer you samples and provide delivery updates, it’s also how we drive engagement – which is incredibly valuable in securing more products for the community.

An increasing number of e-mail clients (Gmail, Outlook etc.) and companies are including filters that can affect delivery and display of our glorious e-mails. This means that sometimes our communications might not reach you, or they might be displayed without images – meaning inevitably, you’ll miss out.

To ensure that you continue receiving our e-mails, and that they display properly, we recommend adding our email address or domain to your list of safe senders. Here are some simple instructions to help you do that;

(We’ll almost always email you via

Apple Mail

iPhone-contactIf we’re lucky, you’ll add our email address to your VIP list. That means our messages are placed in a different folder and get a special alert. Of course, getting added to your contact list is also good. Either way, the instructions are pretty simple.

On the iPhone:

  1. Tap our email address.
  2. Select Add to VIP, Create New Contact or Add to Existing Contact.

On the desktop:

  1. Move your pointer to the left of our email address in the message header
  2. Click on the star that appears.

You can also hover the pointer over our email address, click the arrow that appears, and then choose Add to VIPs. Learn more about Apple email accounts.


When using Gmail, it’s easy to add email addresses to your contacts list.

Gmail-addtocontactsOn mobile:

Add us to your device-specific contact list to make sure you receive emails from them.

On the desktop:

  1. Open the message. Click the down arrow that’s next to the Reply arrow at the top right of the message.
  2. Scroll down to “Add gemsatwork to Contacts list” and select it.

Learn more about Gmail contacts from Google Support.

Yahoo Mail

When you receive an email from us, click our name and select Add to Contacts to make sure we stay out of your spam folder. Or you can do it the old-fashioned way:

  1. Yahoo MailClick New Contact.
  2. Enter our contact information.
  3. Click Add More to add additional information fields.
  4. Click Save.

Here’s where to find help for the many variations of Yahoo Mail:

You can also check your spam folder to find our emails that have been sent there in error. Right-click on the message and select “Not Spam” to make sure they don’t get flagged in the future.

Microsoft Outlook has several varieties and the process for adding an email address as a contact vary somewhat.

Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2013 and 2017 for Windows

  1. Open our message so that our email address is shown.
  2. Right-click our name, and click Add to Contacts.
  3. Fill in the details if you want.
  4. Click Save.

Outlook MacMicrosoft Outlook 2011 and 2014 for Mac

  1. In your list of emails, click our message.
  2. On the Message menu, point to Sender.
  3. Click Add to Contacts.

When you reply to an email that includes an email address that isn’t on your contact list, you might be prompted to add it. You can also add contacts manually.

  1. In People, click New.
  2. Add contact info. If you want to add more than one email address, phone number, or any other information, click the plus icon PlusIcon in that section.
  3. Click Save.

Get more information from Microsoft Outlook support.

AOL Mail

  1. AOL In the left panel, click Contacts.
  2. Above your list of contacts, click the New Contact button.
  3. Add our email address and any other information.
  4. At the bottom, click the Add Contact button.

You can also just open the message, click on the sender, and select Add Contact. Find more information from AOL help.

La Tomatina and ‘Beat the Chill’

News Video

Last year on the 31st August, Harrison Cass touched down at Manises airport about embark on the trip of a lifetime. Travelling to the small town of Bunol on the outskirts of Valencia, the atmosphere was palpable – this was no ordinary holiday.

Courtesy of Heinz and gemsatwork as part of their ‘Beat the Chill’ office sampling campaign, Harrison had won an all-expenses paid trip to the La Tomatina festival – otherwise known as the World’s largest food fight. With close to 160,000 tomatoes thrown in just under an hour, 22,000 people from all nationalities joined together to revel in the red fiesta.

Watch the video below to see how Harrison got on;